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Winter at the Dirtbox

December 21, 2012

Thank you, everyone, for all of the words of support and encouragement while Jon and I went on the longest walk down the aisle in the history of weddings! Our walk across Spain was inspiring… both for Jon’s woodworking business (he took 2000+ photos of elaborate Spanish doors and windows), and for my gardening vision. It also served as a great reminder that there truly is no place like home. In any case, now we are officially, “the Basiles”, and I SWEAR I didn’t marry him just for his last name, although I can’t think of a better name for a CSA farming family ;).

Anyway, we tend to baby our animals a bit. The joke around here is that our home is old, drafty, and COLD… but our chickens are warm and toasty under heat lamps in the barn. When I want to warm up, I go out to collect the eggs. They are comfy, and still laying for us, so eggs are still available if you want them for your holiday baking. Check the egg fridge in the barn, or shoot me a text or email…

It’s great to be back! Especially as we pass the winter solstice mark, and there is a promise of more daylight to come…

Happy solstice, happy holidays, happy wintertime!

Much love,

the Basiles

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