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“C” is for Community (and COOKIE!)

July 14, 2012

Just when I was at my wit’s end….

Not for lack of planning, this year, with the thousands and thousands of little seedling we started early to get a jump on the season, and the careful cultivation we did and all of the pre-CSA season work since February… June was such a major letdown. Cooler than normal temps, but still no precipitation to make up for it and hailstorms and unprecedented beetle pressure, we’re finally at the end of what was a really challenging spring… only to be met with a heat wave that just baked and bolted our small broccoli and cauliflower.  In short, it’s been a tough few months, and I’ve been worried.

But miracles happen. And I know by now that natural systems are FULL of miracles, something unexpected and beautiful ALWAYS happens when you leave mother nature alone to do her thing. But what moves me to tears are the human elements in our little CSA experiment. Because I forget how amazing our community really is.

So yesterday, after waking up with the roosters and rushing through harvesting and trying to beat the heat, and trying to get water on everything, and there weren’t enough beets to go around,  and trying to be where I’m supposed to be on time… there I was. At my wit’s end.

And one of our dear members showed up to pick up her box. (Right on time, even though I wasn’t). In one hand she held an iced latte, in the other, some fresh baked cookies. “I thought you could use this”, she said. I almost cried. Miracle.

Then, Linda, who rented us her greenhouse this spring called. “We have lots of marionberries in our backyard. If you think your members would like them, we’ll pick some for you”. Another miracle.

Then I came home from Portland to find 2 bottles of wine at my door. Another 2 miracles.

And it got me thinking about our little community and how we support each other, and then I saw this video about “Sacred Economics” and got emotional all over again:

Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein

I wish I wish we didn’t need money to make this project happen. But more and more I realize that the C in CSA is a built in by-product that is as big of a miracle as watching a seed sprout and grow. So thank you, dear members and friends. I am humbly grateful for all that you bring to this CSA.

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  1. July 14, 2012 5:01 am

    You, Nadine, inspire people.

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