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Fits and starts

May 27, 2012

I’ve said it before… we wouldn’t be farming if it didn’t allow us to moan and groan a bit about the weather. One day I hope to evolve into the sort of zen gardener who accepts nature’s ups and downs with grace. But for now, allow me just a moment of crisis and blogging therapy.

Between the late frost that nipped at some of our plants at the ROCO site last week, and the hailstorm that left our DeLancellotti site in tatters on Friday night, and the monsoon rains in March, and the unprecedented heat wave in May, this season is getting going in fits and starts. Which is humbling, of course. I was getting overconfident after a few stellar months in the greenhouse, producing flat after flat of gorgeous veggie starts. Nature always auto-corrects, which I forgot temporarily.

We’re fortunate to be gardening in 4 very different locations (and microclimates)… so if something as devastating as a late May hailstorm happens in one location, we have the 3 others to catch us. I learned this the hard way a few years ago when an early frost in the ROCO plot ended our CSA in September.

We’re also fortunate to have tremendous members. Last night, while assessing the damage and moaning over shredded lettuces, next door, Megan and Jeffrey were ready with wine, dinner and chocolate and allowed me a few hours of self-pity. Two bottles of rose were also perfectly chilled and waiting for such an occasion in our barn fridge thanks to the lovely wine women of Archery Summit. The old adage of “It takes a lot of beer to make wine” was running through my mind last night… except it went something like “well, it takes a lot of wine to grow veggies in Oregon”.

So after an evening of re-grouping, today we’re back at it… and will be replanting what we can at the DeLancellotti site (the new rotation of broccolis and other fall crops were going to be seeded next month anyway), and focussing our energy on the ROCO plot, which is beginning to look great.

Someone once told me that gardening is an exercise in optimism. And Jon, being more of a zen master than I am, never tires of reminding me that it all works out just fine despite my own fits and starts every spring.

So, dear members… we’re still on track for your first CSA delivery next week… and will adjust our season’s expectations and plant more for the tail end. If boxes seem lean in the first few weeks, we’ll stretch on further into October.


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  1. Rachel permalink
    May 27, 2012 5:25 pm

    I think you tend far more towards the Zen master end of the spectrum than you realize, Nadine. XOXO!

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