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Quick update!

May 10, 2012

Members!! Sorry for the silence this month. We’ve been playing a lot of hurry up and wait as our fields dry up, rushing to plant, trying to protect tender young seedlings from scorching sun and frosty nights. This season is the polar opposite of last season… ever an adventure on the farm. But so far, things look pretty good out there. And this week, I’ll be planting out our summer plot with tomatoes, cukes, squashes, melons, beans, peppers, eggplants, flowers, pumpkins, corn… more onions, more lettuce, more radish, more beets and carrots…. whew! 

Speaking of adventures, Jon and I captured a swarm of honey bees from a friend’s house in St. Paul the other day! They are amazing creatures and have quickly adapted to their new home in our alpaca pasture! They have already found all of the herbs and flowers around our place, and now the garden has a homey and lovely buzz around it! I am constantly mesmerized and awed by these beautiful little bees. Such a sense of purpose… I almost envy them. They know exactly what they need to do, and they just do it. No procrastinating on WordPress or Facebook, and no worrying about how much gluten is in the rhubarb sticky bun they just ate, or whether or not they should take up running again. Lucky bees. 

If all goes well in the next week or so, we’ll be on-track to begin our CSA in the first week of June. I will send all of you members information via email about start dates, times, pick-up locations and protocol… as well as our Sub list for those of you who are going out of town. Look for emails from me starting next week (when it begins raining again).

Also, new this season… Cheryl Jordan, our culinary expert for the season, will be helping us maintain our blog and recipes… but we welcome guest bloggers anytime!! If you have a recipe or photo to share, just send it to me at, and we’ll get you published! 

OK, planting time… 

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