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What a little sunshine can do!

April 24, 2012

This weekend was a highly productive one, what with a little sunshine on our side, drying out our soils. The deLancellotti plot is almost fully planted out with 3 different varieties of broccoli, 3 different colored cauliflower, kales, onions, garlic, endives and lots and lots of lettuce! Today the rest of the spring starts will go in before the rain, and we’ll start to tackle the SWIG plot with more leafy greens, cabbages, potatoes and onions next weekend.

Mike mowed down the ROCO plot before discing and tilling that lush, green jungle. We’ll move in soon after with beans, corn, peppers, melons, squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs. May will be a VERY busy month as we construct trellises and get thousands of little summer plants and seeds in the ground…

We’ve almost fully moved out of Linda’s greenhouse. What seemed to be an unfathomable amount of veggie starts that landed on our porch (and spilled over into the driveway and deck) is dwindling down to more manageable piles as our friends and neighbors come and select plants to put in their own gardens, and as more and more of these babies end up in our fields. Nothing makes me happier than fellow gardeners sharing tips and secrets… and most importantly, sharing their enthusiasm for putting something green in their yard.

Rebecca shared this photo of Happy Nader with his new tomato babies. Gardening for a family of 2, he reluctantly told me he only had room for 20 tomato plants this year. Go Nader, go!


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