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March Update

March 14, 2012

Well, I think we got all excited for springtime to come, even though we knew winter couldn’t possibly be over, could it?

Nah, we woke up to snow this morning… lots of it. But since this is the Willamette, it’s all gone already. The daffodils are still undeterred by the snow. And so are we! Lucky for us, we combined forces with Bubba and Sarah from the Collective, and leased a VERY large greenhouse together, since we quickly outgrew our small one at the farm. And like goldfish, we are growing and growing to capacity.

So far in the greenhouse(s), the brassicas are up and looking great… all the broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, etc…  Some of the flowers are germinated and growing, and the tomatoes are almost ready to be potted up!  22 varieties this year! Some of the spinaches, chards and herbs are looking good, and early lettuces are seeded, too.  We’ll start planting the early potatoes and peas in another week or so.

Meanwhile, we’re keeping busy as always, by hoarding animals. Diego and Eduardo (named after Jon’s dad, Ed) are the newbies on the farm this year, and hopefully we’ll have a small flock of sheep join them soon-soon. Jon has a new duck, named Suki, who is hilarious. And the regular flock of ladies will soon double when the new chicks get big and feathered enough to join them.

Paul at deLancellotti Vineyards has generously offered up some gorgeous biodynamically-certified land for a new expanded plot (conveniently right next to a very LARGE pile of beautiful biodynamic compost!). We’re very excited about this expansion because it means we can absorb our wait-list members AND add a few more! So tell your friends, we have 3-4 more spots available this year.

can you get any more beautiful than this? great views for hoe-leaning.

Stay tuned for some pictures of the baby veggies in the greenhouse… amazing how so much food can be grown from so little seed! Remember how in old Sci-fi movies, they’d rehydrate a little food pill that magically turned into dinner? It occurred to me that the seeds are the same thing as those magic food capsules. Just add water!

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