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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2011

Yesterday, I got “pinged” by WordPress about how there were lots and lots of hits on this website. No doubt people looking for recipes for Thanksgiving. Which just warms me to my toes. Today, I plan to revisit some of my favorites, too…  and hit the local farmer’s market.

For the last couple of weeks, Jon and I have been on vacation… driving through the deserts in Eastern Oregon and California, skiing in Mammoth, diving in the Channel Islands and planning Thanksgiving with friends and family. We have a lot to be thankful for this year! Bubba and Mari are looking after all of the ladies at the farm, and we’re grateful to have lots of support so we could get away for a bit.

And we’re SO grateful for all of the support from our community this season. All of you members, to Corby, Rollin, Cody and Marque at ROCO, for Stirling, Mike and Tracy at SWIG, for Paul, Kendall and the kids at DeLancelotti and for our landlords who let us plant whatever we want at our rental home.  Thanks everyone, without you, our dreams wouldn’t be possible.

For those of you who took the ‘survey’ last month, thanks for your feedback. Overall it seems like most were happy with us, with some room for improvement… see the survey responses  here .

Most of this year’s membership has already indicated that they want to join up again next year. We’ll likely keep the number somewhere around 30-35 members, with egg shares for about 10-15 members only. Harlow Hills has already told us they want to stop making cheeses and focus on selling high-quality goat’s milk to local creameries instead. I don’t blame them, it seems like a LOT of work to manage herds of goats AND cheese production. But I think we have a good replacement lined up. More information to come as we finalize details.

Meanwhile we WILL have some eggs through the winter, so contact us if you want a dozen here or there. The ladies are little powerhouses. They don’t know when to quit.

Well, that’s the news from sunny California, where we are enviously eyeing these orange and pomegranate orchards, avocado trees and year-round produce. Can you believe they’re still harvesting tomatoes down here?

Much love,

Nadine, Jon and Pacha.


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