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I don’t mean to freak you out…

August 23, 2011

but check out this cool spider!


Sorry it’s such a blurry image, but I got excited. The first time I ever saw one of these ‘black and yellow garden spiders’ was last year, and I ran for my life. To my computer. Where I posted it on Facebook, and one of my very smart friends knew what it was and assured me it wasn’t going to eat me.

Then I looked it up, and was assured that it was harmless, and actually VERY beneficial. This year, I’m seeing them everywhere! And Wikipedia says that they only grow to be about an inch, but I assure you that this next image is to scale…  look at the corn plant for reference!

Speaking of giant things, I’m sorry to tell you this next bit of bad news. But Jon and I went camping for one night. One night! And came back to some pretty monstrous zucchinis. They’re so big, I’m embarrassed by them.

I’m afraid your only recourse is to shred them, salt them, let some of the water drain out and then FREEZE them for winter. If you freeze them in small enough batches, like a cup or two, they’re perfect to add to winter soups, baking recipes, stews, chili … pretty much anything you can cook.  The zucchini sort of disappears into whatever you’re cooking, but adds a great texture and is loaded with extra vitamins.

Or try Mari’s zucchini noodle recipe, or the chocolate zucchini cake recipe posted below. Or you could get REALLY domestic and bake up a few dozen loaves of zucchini bread and put them in the freezer for when you have to go to a last-minute pot-luck and have nothing to bring. You may hate us now for subjecting you to such excess of summer squash, but you’ll remember us fondly come winter. (I hope).

My favorite way to eat a whole zucchini log is to slice it about 1/4 ” thick, salt it liberally on both sides, and wait for about 20 min… lots of water comes out of the zucchini slices this way and concentrates the flavors, so when you coat them in olive oil, garlic salt and herbs and grill them, they are delicious!

Good luck, and please report back. What did you do with your summer squash this week?

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  1. August 24, 2011 4:05 pm

    I just had a great veggie lasagna recipe…lots of sauteed onions, shredded zucc, a little shredded carrot, some garlic, and a whole lotta bechemel and ricotta! Way tasty

  2. nadinelew permalink*
    August 24, 2011 6:05 pm

    fantastic! thanks, Cat. I see there’s no lack of good food on the trail. 🙂


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