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Tomatoes and peppers!

August 19, 2011

After last year’s miserable tomato year, I went a little crazy this winter… trying to find varieties that would ripen even in a cold year. Territorial Seed has an enormous selection of tomatoes that work in this region, and you’ve already started to see some come through in your CSA boxes. Mostly the cherries and the early plum tomatoes, which I relied on for having SOME tomatoes if this year was anything like last year!

So, I wanted to equip you with a list and links to what it is that you’re eating… and what is yet to come! Click on each for a photo and description. The heirlooms take a bit longer, so hopefully we’ll be getting them by September or so.

I did select a lot of different peppers, too, but we had a mouse in the greenhouse this spring who LOVED the pepper starts. I say “loved” in past tense, because we eventually caught that mouse, and started all over again.  But I only had seeds of a few varieties left from the original selection for a second seeding…
So far, what made it into the ground are:
I’ve been harvesting some of these early, in part because I want more to develop and ripen on the plants… but also because I’m over-eager for peppers. If you leave them and don’t eat them right away, they will change color in your fridge. But they’re great either way!
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