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Soft Start Dates

May 23, 2011

Hi Dirtboxers,

You must all be wondering when you’ll be getting your first CSA shares!

We’ve had a few warm days so far this spring, enough to get us out and planting enough to feed an army. But not enough to get those plants to grow very quickly. So, I’ve been looking around at the lettuces and radishes and wondering if I will have enough to give out to 30 people in a week’s time. I THINK so, but I’m not interested in doling out meager shares for the first couple of weeks.

So, with your permission, I’d like to stagger your box delivery start date this month (which will stagger the end date in October). This means that we’ll split the bounty between fewer boxes at the start of the season, and again at the end of the season.

If you are picking up from DUNDEE:

SATURDAY 4th – will be the first delivery day for Saturday pick ups.

WEDNESDAY 8th – will be the first delivery day for Wednesday pick ups.

If you are picking up from PORTLAND (Rebuilding Center on N. Mississippi):

SATURDAY 11th – will be the first delivery day for Saturday pick ups.

WEDNESDAY 15th – will be the first delivery day for Wednesday pick ups.

If you aren’t sure when or where your pick up is scheduled to be, shoot me an email, and we’ll figure it out.

For those of you who are new to the CSA and not sure what to expect when you pick up your box…

When you get to your pick-up location, you’ll see a big Rubbermaid tote with your name on it. All of your goodies are inside with an ice block. Bring some reusable bags with you (we will provide one for the first week), and take the contents, but leave us the tote and the ice block so we can fill it up again next week!

At members’ requests, we’ll also leave a “FREE BOX”, if there’s something you absolutely don’t want to eat or give away to friends, put it in the free box so that other members can take it. If there’s anything IN the free box that strikes your fancy, please take it! This is our best solution to feedback like “please don’t give us beets/please plant LOTS of beets”. 🙂

We won’t be putting ‘recipes’ or ‘veggie lists’ in the boxes like most CSA’s do, in an attempt to not have to waste paper each week. All of this info can be found here at our website.

Some helpful tips for how to store your CSA veggies:

  • If you don’t already own a salad spinner, it’s a great investment for this season. At home, we wash and spin up a whole big bowl’s worth of salad and just store it in the fridge inside the spinner. Instant clean salad greens whenever we want them!
  • You’ll get a lot of fresh herbs each week… the best way I can think to distribute them is in a plastic bag. When you get home, take them out of the bag, trim the ends like you would with cut flowers, and put them in a jar of water and keep them in the fridge. They’ll last forever!
  • Some of our Portland members on 2 wheels have been bringing a rigid plastic egg holder, like you would find in the camping section of the grocery store, to transport their eggs home, and leaving us the cardboard egg carton. I thought this was a genius idea.

Lastly, some of you still haven’t sent in payment for your dues. Please contact me ASAP so we can work it out!

See you soon!


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