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The home stretch

May 12, 2011

So many things happening in the home stretch before we start filling your CSA boxes!

First, an update on the planting:  So far 3 of the 4 sites are planted out to all sorts of veggies, ranging from salad and braising greens, beets, leeks, onions, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, radishes, peas, broccos, cauliflower, cabbage, garbanzos, flowers, fennel, herbs, choi and probably more that I’m forgetting as I write this. Another week and the weeding will begin in earnest.

The ROCO site is the designated “warm” site,  since it dries up last and freezes first. Hundreds of tomatoes and peppers are waiting to be planted there as soon as the weather warms just a bit more, as well as cukes, zucchinis, winter squashes, corn, pumpkins, beans, melons and of course more of the staples like carrots, salads, flowers, onions, and so on.

Jon’s mom, Polly, helped me lay out the grid at ROCO today… she’s as patient with me as Jon is, which is a good thing. Those plans that I drew and redrew (over and over again) this winter had to be marked out JUST RIGHT.  Here she is, mid-field, as the ladies look on in their new chicken tractor…

Did I mention that today is her birthday?

(errr, thanks for slaving away on the farm today)

Happy Birthday Polly!

Having Jon’s mom and dad here from Michigan is a REALLY good thing for the Dirtbox. Ed busied himself today by building some new tiered shelves for the greenhouse, (which means I can pack it even more full than it is now) out of Rebuilding Center scraps, and Polly is weaving us a new egg basket!  (Yep. You read that right). If there were ever any question about where Jon gets his mad skills, look no further than these two.

 I think what has been the most amazing thing about the creation of this project are the skills that our community of people bring to the table.

Yesterday, Jon brought home a sample of the CSA tote bags that Dana’s team at Queen Bee Creations has been making for us out of our old feed bags. Simply beautiful!! And indestructible!  Here’s a photo of one with Polly’s egg basket work-in-progress….

Keith built us another chicken tractor, too, colorful and functional. The ladies are doing some ‘clean up’ work at ROCO, eating the bugs and weeds that the rototiller had left behind. I’ll post some pictures of them in action, soon…

Meanwhile, on the ‘farming’ front… the plan is to do some planting of the ‘warm crops’ starting mid-May. Let’s all hope the weather warms up soon!

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