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how sweet it is!

May 5, 2011

I LOVE sweet potatoes! They are a staple of our winter diet, but I always thought it was too cold to grow them here…

Well, after some prompting from our members last season, I did some research and found a grower in New Brunswick who specializes in organic short-season sweet potato varieties! They finally arrived yesterday, looking worn out and tired after their long journey here.  BUT, I’m told that they are very resilient, and their roots look OK,  so I remain hopeful.

We ordered a mix of 8 different varieties and plan to trial them out at the Delancellotti garden, since it has the most lenient soils of all of our sites.  Today is a good day on the Biodynamic calendar to plant root veggies, it’s cool and overcast and gentle on these little delicate slips… so here we go! The varieties we ordered were: Georgia Jet, Ginseng Red, Beauregard, Japanese Yam, Superior, Tainung 65, Frazier White and Carver. Check out Mapple’s website for detailed descriptions of these… But if anything comes out of this experiment, we’ll blog our little hearts out about them. Don’t worry.

So, fingers crossed, everybody! This will be my first time growing sweets… and if all goes well, you’ll be getting lots and lots of sweets at the end of the summer! And, we’ll grow some of our own ‘slips’ to plant next year, too!

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  1. Janet permalink
    May 11, 2011 5:56 pm

    Exciting news! We LOVE sweet potatoes at our house!

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