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April 6, 2011

Hey Dirtboxers!

Mari here.  Very excited to be partnering with Nadine, Jon and the CSA.  Nadine showed me her garden plans for this year and you are all in for a treat.  I’m already consumed with thoughts of cooking and eating all the delicious bounty.  Stay tuned!

I know it’s already April, but I wanted to share a printable 2011 calendar I found a couple months ago that is hand drawn and highlights what fruits and veggies are in season every month.  The gal who made it is probably in a much warmer climate than us Oregonians…that, or her garden is ambitious.  We probably won’t be getting nectarines and peppers in May so just think of it as a little sneak peek of what’s in store for the following weeks and months.

Hope you enjoy!

Cottage Industrialist 2011 Produce Calendar

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  1. April 6, 2011 11:33 pm

    looks awesome, mari!

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