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a light in the darkness

March 18, 2011

With all of the abysmal news these days about tsunamis, earthquakes, nuclear radiation, big oil, poultry atrocities, antibiotic resistance, new  GMO approved crops, revolutions gone wrong… there is an awful lot to talk about. I came across this article today which brightened my day a bit… Tom Philpott and Wendell Berry have a different perspective that is worth sharing… from

Forget the gloom—new ways of living and organizing our economy are flourishing

We’re one of those little green dots in the video… check it out! It’ll give you some hope on this grey, dreary day.

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  1. Rhett permalink
    March 24, 2011 7:31 pm

    That’s a cool visualization! It reminds me of an article about the benefits of staying vertically integrated and avoiding selling a product through big-box stores:

    It’s comforting to see that consumers are starting to avoid corporate resellers in favor of local producers.

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