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Survey results are in!

October 28, 2010

Well, MOST of you completed the survey on SurveyMonkey this month. Thank you for those who took the time to give your feedback! If you’d like to see the results, click here:

survey results – Be sure to click on “show results” for the list of answers for each question!

For the most part, everyone seemed happy with the season overall, and what I heard most resoundingly is that all of you (with an exception or two) seemed to like the preserves and fruit and flowers… all the ‘extras’. Most of you wished for more variety from box to box, which came across loud and clear in the comments.

I’m not sure how to deal with particular preferences though… some members wanted more greens, for example, some wanted less. More corn, less corn. No beets, loved the beets. So next year, we’ll try again with the “FREE BOX”, where members can leave behind what they don’t love, so that others who do can take it home. I may also send out a checklist at the beginning of the season to further understand what personal preferences are. I can’t always make ‘custom’ boxes, but if I know someone absolutely can not stand kholrabi, and if someone else loves it… well, that’s good to know.

I did get some odd requests for things like maple syrup and olive oil… but feel that unless we can produce it here on the farm, this may not be the kind of thing to expect in a CSA box. Especially if it has to travel great distances to get here. We could, in the future, discuss the possibility of a bulk food co-op, to combine orders for things to get them cheaper? If there is enough interest, this could be really fun! (We’re already planning to buy a cow together and divvy it up, for the freshest grass-fed beef possible).

Overall, I want to say thank you to those of you who have some understanding about what a tough season this was, especially with tomatoes. That was a big disappointment for us as well, and what can I say. We’ll do better next year, nature willing. About half of you were interested in communal work days, so I’ll keep that in mind for next season as well. Nothing like a good work party to get people together and connected! Especially for those of you in Portland who don’t get out to the farm each week. And thank you all for sharing recipes, keeping up the chatter, and working as a community! That’s what makes a CSA fun and worthwhile.

Garlic for next season is in the ground! And as the rain falls and the garden plot becomes a soggy mess, I’m already looking at seed catalogs and dreaming of planting season. If you have any particular requests… let me know soon! (Rachel, we’ll definitely try sweet potatoes! Lori, more garbanzo beans! And Sharon, LOTS of flowers.)

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