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Second to last box

October 17, 2010

Members. For those of you who picked up your box today… there is an awful lot of parsley/herbs in this week’s box. Maybe more than you can use in a week. Since it’s the last of the parsley… FREEZE IT!

Here’s how:

  • trim stems
  • put in ziplock bag
  • put in freezer

That’s it! When you want to add something vitamin-rich and fresh tasting to your soups, stews, pilafs, meats, seafood, etc… this winter, just add it frozen to anything you’re cooking.

If you want to freeze any of your greens, blanche them first in boiling water, and THEN freeze them.

If you want to freeze your baby kiwis, let them soften up a bit in the paper bag before putting them in the freezer.

Also, the giant bunch of hydrangeas you got today will dry really nicely if you hang it upside-down out of the direct sunlight. So will the hot thai peppers!

This morning, as we were picking lettuces for your box, some of the leaves were FROZEN! Alas, fall is here, winter fast approaching. There are still lots of greens and lettuces, and carrots and cabbages and beets and radishes out there… but I’m afraid the rest is starting to wane. I think one more box is in order, but beyond that, the garden is pretty much done. The chickens are done laying for the season… and I’m wanting to compost, amend and till the gardens before things get too soggy. There is a LOT of fall planting to do in the next couple of weeks, as well.

Stay tuned for more info about your refunds, renewal options, survey results and so on. And thanks for being such a terrific group this season.

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