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Pecks of Pickled Peppers?

October 10, 2010

Lately we’ve been inundating you with peppers. I know this. But I’m either happy to say, or sad to say, that the pepper plants have finally started Petering out…

But in case you’re overwhelmed and want some advice? Check for some tips on how to thread and dry hot peppers, or how to pickle hot and sweet peppers.

My favorite method, though, is to roast them (either in the oven at 425 until they blister or over an open flame), run them under cold water until the skins come off… and pack them in oil. I just keep them in the fridge that way until I need them. Hot pepper oil is a nice addition to lots of dishes, too. Add a few drops of sesame oil in the mix? And you’ll be putting it on everything, trust me.

Those of you with a dehydrator can speed up the drying process if you like by cutting them in rounds, remove the seeds and just pack them in a plastic bag in the freezer till you can plop them in soups and stews all winter. They rehydrate really well, particularly if you find yourself using the crock pot a lot.

I keep a jar of chilis dried from last year’s crop near my stovetop, and much to the chagrin of everyone I cook for, a few of those little peppers end up in pretty much everything I make. Including some of the pickled goods you guys got (will get) in your CSA shares this year!

It may seem like a lot. But it’s for a short time, then the season’s over. So enjoy! And preserve! Winter is long in these parts… stay warm by eating spicy food.

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  1. Cat permalink
    October 10, 2010 9:09 pm

    roasting and packing in oil now. Also, they pretty much dry themselves…or seem to. Thanks peppers:D

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