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Thank you, Cat.

July 27, 2010

These recipes were so entertaining, and look delicious, so I thought I’d repost them where they are easier to see… these are from Cat, one of our fellow CSA-ers.

Thanks, Cat. I’m channeling your gramma right now…  she’s stolen step 8 in each of these recipes!

  • Baked Cherries
    0)  preheat your oven to 350 (see rambling note at bottom)
    1)  stem and pit as many cherries as you can stand (maybe 2-3 cups is as many as I can stand)
    2)  admire your stained fingers
    3)  peel (or don’t…who cares!) pit and slice a ripe (or not! who cares!) peach
    4)  peel (or don’t…who cares!) pit and slice a ripe (or not! who cares!) a couple apricots (or plums or nectarines or whatever…you get the idea. Although the apricots were the make or break fruit in this equation.
    5)  toss your fruities in maybe a tablespoon of flour (the recipe I bastardized called for corn starch, you could do that too, but the flour worked fine, and then I’m not tempted to make Ooblek outta the corn starch…ya’ll remember that stuff!?!). Let ‘em sit and get juicy if you wanna.
    6)  toss about a quarter cup of quick rolled oats (or regular rolled oats…I can’t tell the difference) with 2 tablespoons of TJs steel cut quick oats (sure, you could leave ‘em out, but they’re extra yummy and nutty…so why would you?) and a tablespoon of melted butter (I’m watching you smart balance…) and a tablespoon of brown sugar (honey? froo froo demerara sugar? go nuts!…wait, you could add nuts! chopped (un?)salted almonds, pecans, walnuts, HAZELNUTS!). Your mixture should be sorta granola-looking…wait, you could get lazy and USE granola.
    7)  spread your faux-nola over your fruities evenly
    stick ‘er in the oven for about 40 mins (cover with tin foil about half way through if you feel like it’s drying out or toasting too much…I did.) This is the kinda thing where it just has to get MORE delicious…so you can just get it warm, or you can get it warm and the fruit a little softened (that’s what I did, I HIGHLY recommend), or you can go all the way towards smooshy…whatever you want.
    9)  let it cool a little before you eat it…not only will it be molten lava when you take it out, but also, it’ll be way juicy, so if you let it cool a little, it’ll be more firm like cherry pie filling rather than just fresh berries.

A note on temp to cook at:
If you prefer a crispier crisp…go lower…dries things out. If you like a chewier chewy…go higher for less long. PS… not that any of you actually eat fish sticks, but the same principle applies. Lower temp (325?) for longer (120% of time it says on package?) makes ‘em crispy. Higher temp (425?) for shorter (80% of time it says on package) makes ‘em not so crispy but doesn’t overcook the “fish” in the sticks. Actually, if you went nuts and sliced up your happy potatoes thinly (don’t you peel ‘em, who cares!) tossed ‘em with the most mind-blowing mustard you could find and sprinkled on some chopped up happy rosemary and salt and pepper and baked ‘em lowish (maybe 375?) until they were crispy, you’d have kinda potato chips.


Cat permalink July 27, 2010 7:14 pm

Also…scalloped potatoes also, an inexact recipe:

  • 0)  butter a baking dish
    0)  preheat oven to 350 (it’ll cope with 25 degrees up or down just fine if you wanna do something else in the oven at the same time)
    1)  Thinly slice potatoes
    2)  layer potatoes in bottom of baking dish
    3)  sprinkle a teaspoon of flour, teaspoon of finely chopped onion, teaspoon (or more) of grated parm (or gruyere? or you can leave it out…no parm is how my gramma made it) and lots of salt and pepper and dot with butter
    4)  layer another layer of potatoes, flour, onion, parm, salt and pepper and butter dots.
    5)  repeat until dish is just level with top full of goodness
    6)  finish with flour, onions, parm, salt and pepper, and butter
    7)  carefully pour milk in the edge of the dish until it’s about how you’d fill a bowl of cherrios (does that make sense? just so you can see the milk peaking out between the potatoes)
    bake in the oven for about 45 mins (very forgiving, you can go fast and hot, or low and slow depending on how you feel). They’re ready when the potatoes are just browned on top, and the milk/butter/love is all bubbly. You can poke the potatoes with a fork if you want to check.
    9)  allow to cool a little so it firms up…enjoy! reheats really really well, freezes well, leftovers well.

If you wanna go crazy you could add in some sliced smoked sausage or ham (spiral sliced ham leftovers?) and REALLY channel my gramma.

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  1. Cat permalink
    July 28, 2010 4:59 pm

    what can I say, I apparently hate the number 8.

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