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veggie day tomorrow!

June 19, 2010

Hi Everyone,

It’s been yet another unseasonably cool and hail-y week in June, but it looks like things are picking up this weekend and through next week. So far, all the peas, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplants have started flowering, and we even have a squash or two that are starting to put out fruit.

This week in your boxes, you’ll find some special treats…. Micah and I got our preserving mojo going and put up LOTS of  freezer jam from the Hood strawberries. And by “Hood”, I mean that extra-special local Oregon variety that we love. They only produce fruit about 3 weeks per year, and this is the last of it. You’ll find 2 containers, one to eat, and one to stick in your freezer for those mid-winter strawberry cravings later this year… Thawed out in your fridge, this jam should last about 3-4 weeks. In the freezer, about a year. We’ve been slopping it over ice cream all week, and the combination is pretty decadent.


Also, special this week is a loaf from “The Bread Board”  (, a small artisan bakery that Jon and I were lucky enough to discover at the Dundee Farmer’s Market last week and I think these are the legendary bakers that Eleni met last year… These guys are awesome, and they make the most delicious whole-grain- native yeast – wood-fired breads we’ve ever tasted. (Except for Jon’s of course. He’s still trying to work out how to make bread on a CSA-sized scale in his homemade wood-oven. With any luck, we’ll see some of that this summer, too.) We drove out to their facility down in Falls City to check out the operation down there, and were duly impressed! Not only with the simplicity of the place, but for how great the owners were, too. Did I already mention how cool this bakery is? 🙂

Also this week: another round of Red Russian and Tuscan Kale, spring onions and garlic, radishes, herbs… (let us know, by the way, if your cats want to be included in this CSA… we have a LOT of catmint growing here and would love to include a bundle or two). The first of the lettuces are in your boxes, this week some red leaf and romaine. The last of the spring spinach and arugula… and some cilantro before it bolts in the coming week with all of this sunshine coming up (fingers crossed). The chard got a bit beaten up in the hailstorm, but is already shooting up new leaves and I think we’ll be back on track in another week or so.

Goat cheese this week is sun dried tomato and olive. Jon and I had to refrain from busting into the fresh loaves in the back of the car and eating all the goat cheese on the way home. It looks delicious. And I’m kicking myself for not taking photos of  the new bottle-fed kids that the Harlows are keeping in their mudroom. So, so cute.

I’m tempted to pull some of the new potatoes and early beets tomorrow morning, but I know they could be bigger and better next week if I don’t… we’ll see how harvesting goes in the morning.

Have a great night, and we’ll see you tomorrow! Same time, same place. Dundee pickups at the farm will be ready after 11, and Portland pickups at the ReBuilding Center will be ready by 1. Remember to bring your bags to refill, and any empty egg cartons or plastic bags you want to recycle.

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  1. Cat permalink
    June 22, 2010 6:52 pm

    So as far as the radish greens go, everyone, be NOT AFRAID! So they’re prickly on the back, who cares! They’ve got VITAMINS! And flavor…
    wash ’em off, chop ’em up, saute them (for longer than you think…’til they’re all floppy like spinach in a florentine) with garlic, spring onions, lemon balm/taragon/chives/something herby, and then eat ’em. Actually, happy chicken eggs with radish green florentine is tasty too…

  2. nadinelew permalink*
    June 22, 2010 7:33 pm

    thanks cat! more happy chicken eggs coming your way!

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