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first boxes of the season coming to a pick up site near you!

June 9, 2010

For those of you receiving a share this season, your first share will be ready on Saturday, June 12th… here are some pick-up details to keep handy:

 *** Joanna pointed out that Saturday the 12th is the Cirque du Cycling event on NE Mississippi, so the ReBuilding center will close early on Saturday (4:00). Sorry for the inconvenience. You can still get your boxes from 1-4 Saturday, and 9-5 Sunday.

For those of you picking up shares in Portland, the pick up location will be at The Rebuilding Center (3625 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland).  They’ve generously offered us a space in the Community Area, inside the main entrance (where the giant tree sculpture is). Shares should be up to Portland by 1:00 on Saturdays, and can be available for pick until 5 on Saturday and from 9-5 on Sunday. If for some reason, you (or a friend) can’t pick up your share let me know as soon as you know. Any unclaimed shares will go to members of Our United Villages and their families if not picked up by Monday.

** since I have your attention, for those of you not familiar with NE Mississippi, there are some great local businesses that are worth checking out. Muddy’s Coffeehouse accross from the ReBuilding Center has great breakfasts and great local art (soon to be displaying Jon’s new creations!). Blue Gardenia just down the street on the same side as the ReBuilding Center has the best coffee, hands-down in all of Portland (at least I think so!), and it’s fun to stop into The Meadow next door that sells different kinds of salt, chocolate, flowers and wine…. (how dreamy is THAT?). Por que non? has great tacos and is also directly accross from the Rebuilding center and of couse, the food carts on the corner of NE Mississippi and Skidmore are worth a visit for lunch…
For those of you picking up shares in Dundee, come to the farm anytime after 11am on Saturday. If you come any earlier, I may have you help harvest and sort!   Look for the pink flamingo at the end of the driveway. The shares will be in the main barn at the top of the driveway. Shoot me an email if you need the address and directions: Nearby, and worth checking out for breakfast is Farm to Fork on the corner of 99 and Niederberger Rd. And as you locals know… many, many wineries to visit and taste some local wines.

**Please, please, I ask you. Your dogs are welcome here, but if they are diggers and like to destroy garden beds… please keep an eye on them. 

What to expect when you pick up your share:  
Produce harvested that morning, fresh eggs and cheese, and whatever else we can dream up that week. It’ll all be packed up in a snap-lid box with an ice pack with your name on it.

Please leave your box and ice pack behind, so we can refill it the following week. You’ll find a reusable canvas bag in with your first share to take home with you, and we’d love it if you could recycle your egg cartons and bring them back to us at some point.

See you Saturday!

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