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on the bright side

June 6, 2010

A farmer friend called yesterday to tell me that his pepper crop was a disaster this year. The rain and cold this spring means that where usually by this time, his growing season would be ‘half over’, he’s now facing a shorter window to grow and ripen his peppers, a near impossibility here when the cold and rain hits again in September.

I look at the starts and seeds that Alix and I selected last winter, and thank my lucky stars that for the most part we chose short-season crops, figuring we’d have lots of time to turn the garden beds around and grow 2 crops in one season. This rain is depressing. Not just for the cheeriness factor, but for farmers in this valley… watching crops flounder out there in the cold until they finally succumb to slugs and fungus.

But on the bright side, I haven’t had to set out the irrigation lines yet… a significant project for our little farm. Even brighter still since I put a nail through my foot last week and have been ungracefully hobbling around on crutches. Yesterday, a quick survey of the new summer squashes I transplanted got me nervous about them needing a little water after the one warm day… but dragging the hose around was an impossibility. Waking up to rain today was a pretty good thing. One more day to sit around and read books, surf the web, dream up projects for the farm. One more day to keep the arugula and kale from flowering before we get to harvest  and put them in your boxes.

Jon remarked today that the grass is tall again, despite being mowed and weed whacked not too long ago. My thought was that so long as the grass keeps growing, I don’t have to water the crops. It’s a good deal. I’ll take it. The sun is bound to come out sooner or later!

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