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Spring Updates…

April 9, 2010

I say “spring”, but for those of you here in Oregon, you know that it feels more like winter right now. And these prolonged Oregon winters sure do take a toll on my mental state, but I’m staying (relatively) positive considering the exciting things going on here at the Dirtbox.

We have our seeds in hand, and a planting schedule in place. We’ve already kicked off some of our starts in our awesome new greenhouse (thanks to the boys). And Nadine, weather permitting, has started the planting process, getting some potatoes, greens, carrots, onions and beets in the ground!

Speaking of starts, our friends Sarah and Conner, who run Diggin’ Roots Farm (, are helping us out this season by growing most of our starts for us! We just received a report that our kale starts are looking great and will be ready for pick up next week! They are also growing starts at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply (, so if you’re looking for some of your own, run out there. Conner built an awesome greenhouse there, and the store itself is very dangerous!

In other news, the lambs, Pontus and Robere, are settling in well with their llama friends in the pasture. They aren’t crazy about the weather we’ve been having, but their thickening wool coats are keeping them warm. Unfortunately our dog Walter is fond of harrassing the poor little things, so we’re working on his poor habits.

Llamas and lambs united...

And to round things off, the chicken ladies are welcoming the spring with some steady egg production. We’ve been watching carefully, and besides a few, shall we say ‘cultural’, issues amongst the flock, things seem to be going well. Nadine reported our first green egg in a while (we think they were laying whiter eggs due to the weather), and we’re experimenting with letting them roam outside of their quarters. This could, however, result in quite a chicken chase… we’ll see.

The ladies venturing outside of their territory!

More updates to come! Activity is picking up around here, and we’re getting very excited for the season!

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  1. April 9, 2010 7:22 pm

    Very cool! Thanks for the good words. Look forward to seeing the plants growing out here.

  2. Beep permalink
    April 9, 2010 8:41 pm

    ….and for those of us from the midwest, currently in Oregon, it feels like Summer!!

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