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Our big expansion…

April 9, 2010

Over the winter we were struggling with wanting to expand our share offerings, but not really having the land to provide the necessary extra produce.

Well, sometimes the universe just happens to drop things in your lap, and earlier this year, the universe dropped a patch of land right in our laps… or should I say right down the street…

Let me explain. My friend Cody is a very talented young winemaker, with his own label called Purple Hands. Somehow he manages to run the Purple Hands label, and make wine for his mom, Corby, and her husband Rollin, under their ROCO label (

Corby and Rollin just built this beautiful new winery on an old farm property right down the road from us, and a few months ago, I went to visit Cody and check out the new operation. It’s an amazing spot and an incredible winery, and they are creating some outstanding wines out of that place…

Well, wheels got to spinning and ideas got to forming, and Cody suggested that it would be a really great combination of resources if we were to farm some of the (very fertile and lovely) acreage around the winery. How could we decline?! The ground is flat, there is rich valley soil, a functioning well, a beautiful old chicken coop, and it’s right down the road!

So we met with Corby and Rollin, who are right up there on my list of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and they very generously agreed to let us farm some of their extra space.

And here we are coming into April, and thanks to ROCO, we have a new, large plot tilled up and ready to be planted into, and an almost full, expanded CSA membership. We are very grateful and very excited to work some new land and produce some more bounty!

The 'before' shot...

Spreading compost...

Before tilling


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