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LAMBS! (We’ve gone and done it…)

February 9, 2010

Yup, I caved, and on Friday afternoon I came home with 2 over-the-top adorable baby lambs.

Cute overload.

I brought their little box onto the back porch, and as Betty (my cat) looked on from the window with a look of sheer revulsion, I pulled them out of their box and welcomed them to their new home.

Betty looking on in disgust...

Despite my housemate letting out a very stressed sigh with every hungry bleat plea, and despite the challenge of keeping these two from making a mess of the house, and despite the hours of each day spent bottle feeding them… I am 100%, head over heels smitten with them.

They came to me from my boss’ lambing flock. Every lambing season brings with it a share of “bummer” lambs, or lambs that don’t have sufficient access to milk. This could be a result of a deceased mother, being a triplet when the mother really only has enough milk for 2, or not properly bonding with the mother. So the bummer lambs need to be bottle fed or they will most likely die.

Enter me: the girl with zero ability to say no and think logically, so when I see 2 baby lambs, fighting for their share of milk and in other words, their lives, I demand that they come home with me immediately.


Let me tell you a little bit about my new babes. First of all, the verdict is still out on their names, but not for a lack of suggestions. There have been countless hilarious ideas, all either a play on the word lamb (lambo, wooly lammoth, Lamborghini) or a reference to lamb as something to eat (chops, kabob, shank, lego, racko…), but I haven’t settled yet. I am sort of leaning towards the name Pontus though, which was suggested by my 5 year old neighbor, Wyatt. He immediately threw out the names Pontus and Jim and seemed convinced that they were the perfect fit. Since then, I was sent a story about a baby lamb named Pontus, which seems sort of serendipitous. So we’ll see…

Anyway, these 2 aren’t brothers, but they have since become inseparable, curling up with each other for warmth, and bleating like crazy when they are apart. The white lamb is a Cotswold ( and the mixed one is a Suffolk mix ( The Cotswold is about 2 weeks old and the Suffolk is about a week. The Cotswold is bold and vocal, and the Suffolk is quiet and reserved. They are both wool sheep, and that will be their primary purpose on our farm, along with lawn-mowing and companionship (no, they are NOT for eating!).

Over the 3 days they have been with me, they have grown accustomed to their new home and have started to relax and recognize their new family… in particular, Walter, who I believe they consider their surrogate mother! Walter is SO great with them. Half of the time he wants to play with them (sometimes a tad too roughly), but most of the time he is very protective of them, making sure they don’t wander off or come in contact with any evildoers. And in return, they adore him. They even try to nurse from him, which baffles Walter and sends him running, tail between his legs. But their relationship tickles me right past pink…

Walter the Guardian.

So we’re having a blast here, and completely embracing our new motherhood role. And we will keep you updated on their growth, and will overtake this blog with pictures of their irresistible cuteness!

Feedin' Time


Auntie Nina

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  1. Christian permalink
    February 9, 2010 5:45 pm

    Lambo, and Jean Claude Van Lamb

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