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R.I.P. Mrs. Garrett… but welcome GREEN EGGS!

November 25, 2009

We have sad news to share with you all… The beloved Mrs. Garrett, one of the Facts of Life hens, has left us to move on to greener, bug-filled pastures. She led a full and purposefull life, brooding over the coop with authority, and always maintaining her position as top egg-guarder. She was a feisty old hen, but we all loved her… and she will be dearly missed.

She has been laid to rest down amongst the fruit trees, where we will place a small gravestone to commemorate a life very well led…

BUT… losses are replaced with the new, and around 11pm last night, I received word that The Golden Girls (or at least one of them), has stepped up to the plate in Mrs. Garrett’s absense. Yes, we officially received our first GREEN EGG! The araucanas have begun to lay!

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  1. nadinelew permalink
    November 25, 2009 8:22 pm

    a fitting eulogy. thank you, breeze. sadness has filled the dirtbox, but the circle of life continues. and now we know… the chicken came and left us first. and then the egg.

    jon theory is that the araucanas finally had enough of mrs. garrett’s reign of terror and staged a coup. (oooh, bad pun).

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