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New boxes and distribution info!

August 29, 2009

Today’s shares will be on Alix’s porch by 3:30 today. Things are a little different this time around in response to some of your comments last week:

You’ll find your shares in a plastic snap-lid box with a freezer pack in it… since some shares have been known to sit on the porch for several days, and the greens and things finally get to you wilted and… unappealing.

Here’s the deal: take the contents of your boxes (BYOB – bring your own bag) and leave the freezer pack and the plastic snap boxes for next week. We’ll leave some extra wax boxes on the porch in case you forget.

For those of you who hate chard, and those of you who love it… rather than take it home and throw it away, put whatever you don’t want to bring home in the “FREE BOX”. But before you leave, check the Free Box for something you might want to take home. Anything in the Free Box is fair game. Free box, free love… that’s what we’re all about at the Dirtbox.

In this week’s boxes, you’ll find a lot of the same stuff, plus some green beans, purple carrots, more tomatoes, more cucumbers, leeks and plums! The tree is TEEMING with plums, so if you’re feeling creative, come and pick some.

Also, flowers and amaranth are in a bucket on the porch, so TAKE THEM HOME. They are for you.

And again, if you know you’re going to be out of town, let us know so we can re-distribute your shares.

dirbox 8.29

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  1. Chloe permalink
    August 31, 2009 12:28 am

    Nice job, ladies! The veggies look beautiful and seem to have held up much better than past shares. I’m thinking green smoothies and pear tart…

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