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August 24, 2009

In case you were wondering… the pears came from the same grower out in the Gorge who gave us the cherries a few weeks ago. These are good friends with orchard fruit to spare, and there are a LOT of pears to go around. If anyone is interested in canning some, baking with them, etc… there is an enormous tote on Alix’s porch. Please help yourselves. There is ANOTHER tote of these at the dirtbox, waiting to be juiced, baked, pureed, canned, etc…

Also in your boxes, you’ll find apples, zucchini (really?), cucumbers (those little round yellow ones are “lemon cukes”, and the wrinkly long pale ones are “armenian cukes”), radicchio (try basting in olive oil and throwing on the grill), various tomatoes and peppers, onions, beets, garlic, chard, amaranth (saute or steam the greens!), herbs (basil, summer savory, 2 different kinds of parsley, nasturtiums, oregano). Some of you might find some carrots and eggs, and all of you will find Micah’s famous pickles! Made 2 weeks ago and ready to eat now!

I also want to announce the untimely death of one of our laying hens, I think it was Joe. She disappeared the other night in a cloud of chicken feathers on the barn floor. I can only guess that she escaped when I wasn’t looking and hid out in the barn until someone got to her. The dirtbox is a dangerous place for fugitive chickens.

RIP Joe. You were a good chicken.

Solemnly yours,

Nadine and Alix.

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