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One more thing about this week’s share

August 4, 2009

I forgot to mention one of the most important details about the share this week. You’ll all find a beet in your bag, and before you chop the leaves off and toss them, I wanted to urge you to try eating them instead! Beet greens are awesome when sauteed with garlic, olive oil and salt – one of my favorite side dishes of the season. You can even throw in some pine nuts or dried berries.

Here is a little blurb courtesy of New Seasons:

“Beet Greens are very different from beets and behave like another vegetable entirely.  Their intense tonic flavor is a perfect complement to the sweetness of the beet root and they can often be served together.  Very young beet greens can be eaten raw in salads, but mature beet greens must be cooked in order to soften their flavor.  It is best to cook the stems until nearly done, then add leaves and continue cooking, either steaming or sautéing.”

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