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August 3, 2009

Hey folks,

Here is what you will find in your bag this week:

zucchini (yes, more zucchini!!)

cucumbers (perfect for pickling –

beets (just the beginning with many more to come)

onions (white and red – pickle these too!)


amaranth (see below)

parsely and herb bunch

Amaranth, although sometimes considered a weed, is commonly used as a leaf vegetable. The grain species are widely used across africa as a staple source of food, and is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of harvest, its abundant production, its tolerance of arid environments and its high levels of protein and amino acids.

In our case, the species you are receiving this week is a leafy one, which is commonly steamed and tossed in salt. Add some curry spices or cumin or lemon and olive oil. You could also add it to a stir fry or even a soup. Either way, let us know what you do with it!

Happy eating…

PS – Please remember to bring back your re-usable bags. We have been using brown paper bags that I have lying around, but the re-usable bags are the best option!

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