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Dirtbox bag in Breeze’s garage.

July 20, 2009

Hey all, I just realized the irony here that we’ve been distributing the ‘box’ shares in ‘bags’. Ah well, regardless, your treats from the farm await you at Breeze’s house. The mystery jam that isn’t labelled is cherry, canned yesterday by the talented Micah and Catherine canning team.

One of our dirtbox members had a great tip for what to do with the pickling cucumbers… she said after you eat all of the pickles out of a jar, just plop the fresh cukes in the brine water and stick them back in your fridge… in a week, presto! More pickles!

The cherries in this week’s bag don’t come from the Dirtbox, alas. But they come from a friend’s orchard in the Gorge, and we love to share.

As I was divying up the chard this week, it occured to me to ask you all… would you rather have a pick up every week, with not so much produce? Or a fuller share every other week? You can post your comments here…



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  1. Belcher permalink
    July 20, 2009 6:37 am

    I like the once a week pick-up. That way, we don’t feel totally overwhelmed with produce and can get it all eaten by the time the next shipment comes in.

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