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Gettin’ it done!

July 13, 2009

We had a ridiculously successful work day on Saturday. We are in the last push phase of getting the farm ready (and presentable) for Rob and Chloe’s wedding in early August, and things are looking good!

Rob and Chloe spread much needed weed cloth along all the pathways, and Vanessa and Christian spread out hazelnut shells on top of the cloth. The result is far more attractive than the vine clippings we were previously using as pathway mulch! The whole package looks beautiful.

Max cleared the driveway of all the remaining mushroom compost, trucking seemingly endless wheelbarrow loads up to the garden plot edges, to every fruit tree on the property, and anywhere else we could think to dump it! We planted a new round of veggies and filled in some holes for harvest late summer/early fall.

Needless to say, there was a lot accomplished this weekend, and as we all sat down and stuffed ourselves with burritos that afternoon, we were quite proud of the day’s work! So thank you for all the grunt work guys! You’re awesome!

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