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The Predator

June 2, 2009

It turns out we aren’t invincible… quite the opposite actually. We’ve encountered our first roadblock, and it has taken the shape of a furry little demon creature with burrowing capabilities and an insatiable hunger for lettuce and parsley. We have officially lost all of our lettuce and parsley plants, a total of about 30-40, in our main bed area. This creature, which we think is probably a gopher, but from this point on will be known as “the predator”, has been burrowing up along the beds and going to town on our poor young veggies. Chomped right down through the crowns.

Nadine is relatively calm about this issue, whereas I am planning to go Arnold Schwarzenegger on this thing. And Pacha, being part coyote and all, is really not doing her job of keeping the beds rodent-free. I plan to spend the afternoon installing a chickenwire dome over the new starts I just picked up (picture a little mini dome arching over each row of plants, stretching the length of the row). However, as previously mentioned, the predator is a burrower, and if it wants to get to those plants, I don’t know how well this method will work. But we’ll just have to try different methods until we triumph over this creature of devastation. I’ll report with any news on our progress, whether it be forwards or backwards.

The predator's work...

The predator's work...

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