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Dirtbox Weekly Update

June 2, 2009

We thought we would provide a “what’s happening at the farm” weekly update, to keep our followers (aka my mom) up to date on our progress. So for the week of June 1st, here’s whats shakin’:

*Growth! Despite our predator issue (see previous post), the recent heat wave has jump started our gardens. We’ve already harvested more arugula than you could imagine, along with a broccoli head here and there. Our hops have broken ground with abandon and couldn’t be happier. Our flower and herb beds are covered with little seedlings popping up everywhere, and the veggies in general are growing up big and tall and threatening to overload us with goodies throughout the summer.

The main beds




*Compost! We had 8 yards of mushroom compost delivered this weekend. Mushroom compost is basically the by product of commercial mushroom production, and like all composts, its ripe with nitrogen. Mushroom compost composition varies, but it can contain composted wheat or rye straw, peat moss, used horse bedding straw, chicken manure, cottonseed or canola meal, grape crushings from wineries, soybean meal, potash, gypsum, urea, ammonium nitrate and lime. It is, however, high in salts, and is somewhat rough on seedlings and young plants, so we’ll have to be careful with our applications and mainly side dress our beds and mulch our fruit trees and perennials.

Mushroom Compost

*Kittens and Chicks! I’m watching the kittens out the kitchen window as I write this. They have been officially outdoor cats for a few weeks now after wreaking havoc on the house, and they seem perfectly content with this development. They live under the hot tub deck, making frequent appearances above ground, rolling around in the dirt and wrestling with each other. I find it all very distracting when I’m trying to get things done… And as for our little baby chicks, well they aren’t so little anymore. They are about 1.5 times their size from the first pictures, and they have feathers! They are developing into beautiful young ladies, and we’re very proud. We moved them into coop this morning with the other ladies to see how they would get along. The babies are still in their cage, and the elders are very curious, gathering around the cage and cocking their heads in interest.




*Bees! Everywhere! We have a massive Ceanothus bush that has bursted into bloom over our lower beds, and the bees are in heaven. They are absolutely swarming the bush and the sound is incredible – a constant intense hum giving life to the purple/blue blossoms. Pollination is in full swing!



*And lastly, we have a bed! Very literally. We cultivated a new bed and topped it off with an old bed frame. The space has been planted with corn and some flower seeds along the edges, with the purpose of the frame being to support the growth inside. We placed a planter along the outside of the headboard, with beans that will eventually trellis up the support.


And that about covers it for now. Until next week…

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  1. Vanessa permalink
    June 3, 2009 4:55 am

    I had such a great time out there. The flower bed is going to be awesome…. Can’t wait to go again – hopefully this week/end! 😉
    I’m going to send you guys that pic of Maxie in the cowboy had out there, too.

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