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workday a success!!

May 4, 2009

Well Everyone, the first official dirtbox workday of the season was a GREAT success! I looked out my window this morning and am still incredulous at the amount of work we got done yesterday… between moving the beams (go team beam!) from their old home in the turkey shed out to the farm, the layout (beautifully executed by team lay-mmm) and all the digging, weeding, double digging, soil moving, planting, mulch spreading that was done yesterday… well all I can say is THANK YOU for all of your hard work and muscle yesterday!! And thank you all for a really great time.

Not to be overly sentimental… but there were a few moments there when I looked around and felt an overwhelming sense of community and connection… Belcher weeding with her baby on her back, Chris in his wheelchair tossing in shovelfuls of dirt into the wheelbarrow, Rob playing cruise director and bringing out trays of drinks and snacks, teetering precariously on his cast… Sharon balancing on the rock pile snapping pictures with her good arm. Dogs running around, cooperation left and right… and Nafta and Teatree!! What a wonderfully unexpected appearance! I haven’t seen these two trail friends in almost 2 years. They somehow made it to the farm from the east coast via Puerto Rico and jumped right into the work to the tunes of Manu Chau.

I think the most fun though was all the excitement that goes with seeing something go from paper to reality so seamlessly, and with such good cheer. You know when you ask your friends to double dig, and are met with spontaneous dancing that there is nothing but good that can happen next. Nature did her part yesterday too… it didn’t rain on us until the end of the day before anyone could get really cranky. So we were able to wrap it up and tackle Beep’s marguarita cake.

Thank you, friends.  Breeze, Beep, Rob, Chloe, Sharon, Ejvin, Jon, Nafta, Teatree, Belcher (and little Belchigator!), Navigator, Brittany, Micah, Chris… you guys really blow me away. What a great day! Stay tuned for photos.

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