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The dirtbox community…

April 30, 2009

Hi friends. Thanks for the encouraging comments and offers to slave away for free all summer long…. we’re touched by your responses so far! Hoping to have a work weekend coming up at the beginning of May… stay tuned.

I wanted to add to Breeze’s intro to our project that this project is about ALL of us! We’re living in scary economic times these days and I for one do NOT like to shop for generic and industrially produced food. If we’re gonna go down, we’re gonna go down with full bellies and wine glasses in hand. All of us. What better way to celebrate these times than by pitching in and working together towards this vision?

I also wanted to recap how we came up with the name “Dundee Dirtbox”, because it was a matter of much debate, democracy and hilarity. It all started on Rob’s birthday at the farm….

A VERY joyous time because we were not only celebrating the existence of our dear friend, but also the fact that he was able to charm Chloe enough to agree to marry him! They will be taking their vows right here at the dirtbox this summer… surrounded by friends, family, the occasional wandering chicken and several curious llamas.

We were sitting around a bonfire on a very rare clear, starry night… and threw the question out to the crowd. “So, we have this great idea for this place… now what do we call it?” We wanted something that captured the essence of the place… the notion of the weekly boxes brimming with veggies and love… the fact that we’re a bunch of really cool people who like to tend to soil and worship dirt.

“DIRTY DUNDEES”, someone yelled. (say it out loud, so your co-workers can hear you). “DIRTY GIRLS”, “DIRTY BOXES”… and i think it degraded pretty quickly from there. We settled on “Dundee Dirtbox” to spare the innocent.

Our friends are goofy, and we love them. Long after the naming weekend, I found Easter eggs hidden all over the property. One purple M&M-filled egg in the chicken coop, warmed by a hen who looked tremendously pleased with herself… homebrew beer bottles piled up by the dozen waiting expectantly for Sharon’s next batch… rock salt in unexpected places, notes, flowers, drawings… it’s a creative place, and I can’t wait for all the goodness this summer will bring.

The stars are aligned these next few weeks for great earth digging, prepping and planting. I mean this quite literally. We’ll be following the Biodynamic calendar and extending the Organic and Biodynamic practices we use in the vineyard to our veggie operation… unlocking the farm’s cold soils and exposing it to good, nurturing energy… more about this later, first we need to build some beds…

Happy Earth Day, everyone.


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